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Vegetable Cocktails at Garden Gate

Vegetable Cocktails at Garden Gate

Garden Gate

This is what I’d be doing if I were in London (via Everything London)… but instead I’m doing this. If you’re ‘stuck’ in London this week, why not stop by their garden for a veggie cocktail?

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Chorizo, pea and lemon couscous

Chorizo, pea and lemon couscous

Check out this lovely, quick and cheap recipe from Delicious Magazine and follow them on @deliciousmag to keep up with all their news!

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Bake Bake Bake


Photo by harboiledblond via Bakebakebake.livejournal.com

My good friend and fellow fatty @Alba_VT just introduced me to this page. I’m always on the hunt for good food blogs and recipe sites in the hopes that I will always have a tested recipe for absolutely anything at hand.

Since it’s cherry season (or almost), I thought this cherry cobbler looked especially appealing. I love cobblers, crumbles or crisps and anything that involves fruit + dough + sugar + cookie-like toppings. I know it’s a bit hot for baking, but think of the ice-cream you can top this with while you’re using the oven…

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