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National Art Pass


Just received my ArtPass in the mail, SUPER excited. I thought I’d share how this fantastic charity works in case anyone didn’t know about it or wants to become a member.

The concept is simple. You pay a (very) small fee per year and by showing this card in most museums and galleries around the UK you’ll get a discount or concession price.

On top of paying less to see exhibitions, of every pound you pay for your ticket, 25p will be given to the Art Fund -the charity behind this pass- and the money they collect goes to buying artwork for UK national collections.



To join click here.

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Local Food


St Hilda’s East Community Centre is very close to my house and occasionally (I think it’s at least twice a week), they set up a couple of tables in front of their building with mostly local produce run by a local co-op. I’m a firm believer in buying local whenever I can -much more than buying organic from Peru say. Their prices are fantastic so it’s very much worth a visit.

They’re also looking for volunteers whose travel and lunch expenses would be paid. This is their twitter account for more info: @StHildasEast

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When I first thought of launching this blog, my main motivation was to write about food, cooking, good food shops, markets and deals around London that I wanted to share with the world -or whoever reads this.

It’s taken me some time to actually sit down and write this first post, and, as it often happens, I’ve changed my mind. I’ve decided I will go beyond the scope of food, eating well and cooking with a bit of cunning. Instead, I will try to transmit my love for this wonderful city and the little things that make it the great place that it is.

This will mostly be through food -yes- because good food and happiness are one to me, but I’ll also be posting about events, trips, festivals and anything I deem worth sharing that might make you live better -at least for a day!

Background photograph by Peter Johansson for Atelier Food via Design-milk.com

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