13 Ways To Go Greener

A few simple steps that we can all take to make the world a better place for future generations.

1. Recycle (This Should Go Without Saying)

2. Whenever You Can, Walk/Cycle

Save the planet, excercise, enjoy the scenery/city rather than stand in the smelly underground/bus. It’s all good.

3. Get On Top Of Your Mail

Try online subscriptions and switch to online payments whenever possible.

4. Shop Responsibly: Read The Labels

Make sure you know where the food is made, how it’s was grown; is it fairtraid? Is it organic? Find out!

5. Buy Reusable Containers

It just makes sense to stop using and throwing away at least one coffee cup a day AND they’re pretty.

6. Go Paperless: Submit Electronically

This is not only greener, but it will save you from running around printing, writing and mailing all sorts of forms and cheques.

7. Buy Local

Purchasing from local farmers whenever you can not only reduces our carbon footprint but it also keeps money in the local economy.

8. Choose Greener Vacations

When you’re planning your next trip ask yourself the following questions before booking a hotel: What’s their environmental policy? What percentage of their employees are local citizens? Do they support the local community? What sort of policies have they implemented to reduce water consumption to conserve energy and recycle waste? How do they educate visitors about local natural areas, wildlife, etc.?

If you’ve never asked these questions, now may be a good time to start.

9. Sign Up To Your Local Library

This will save new ink and paper being used to produce new books -not to mention how much money you’ll save. Plus, 2nd hand books have more character!

10. Search and Support Renewable Energy and Energy Efficient Technology

It can be somehting as simple as switching to efficient lightbulbs or asking your energy provider about ‘green energy tarifs‘.

11. Keep Electronics Out Of The Trash

E-waste contains mercury and other toxins and its a growing global problem, plus, you can make money from recycling or reusing your phone.

12. Check Second Hand Options Before You Buy Something New

Save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

13. Study Up On Where Your Food Comes From

It’s important we know and understand where our food originates and to teach those around you.

Which of these are you already doing? What will you start doing from now on? Leave your comments bellow!

This article was originally published on urbantimes.co.


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