The Real Food Store. A community success.

These are the kinds of shops that should never stop existing!



(Matt Austin is a photographer based in the South West of England, For more photos visit his page at 

Real Food Store is a community owned shop and cafe located in the centre of Exeter’s busy town.

Walking through the door into it’s unassuming space full of fresh food and organic produce offered a quiet break from the pace and energy of the main high street. Unfortunately by the time i got there they where fresh out of bread, with only a few rolls left. However we picked some local smoked cheddar, brought the last of the rolls and with a few vintage ciders thrown in felt very happy with our impromptu dinner. With the food in a brown paper bag and our cider stuff into my rucksack we headed for the riverside to enjoy our finds in the warmth of the afternoon sun.

The concept for the store…

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